Thursday, April 17, 2014

Transposition Thursdays - 3

After my last post about Counting, today's post will be about counting who will win the race, and is it good to get into the endgame.
Let's show an example of the transposition.

One important quality a chess player must have is that he/she must be able to analyze the pawn structure. Mentally remove all the major/minor pieces on board and in that pawn structure evaluate the position. Helps many a times. 

White to play and win

The above position if we imagine the position with the queens off the board. We can easily say white will win. Why ? The outside passed pawn concept. White will push the b pawn and if black king rushes to stop it we will play from king side taking the h pawn and promoting the f pawn with help of king support.

So the idea is to take the queens off the board. 1. Qg1+ !! and white wins

Today's problems posted below are only for positional evaluation. Evaluate each position. Solutions and lines to these positions will be posted later this weekend.

1. White to play
Evaluate the  position

2. White to play
Evaluate the position

Hint: White's plans in both cases must be either one of the two

  • Exchange queens and keep king in front of e pawn and promote it.
  • Exchange queens and reach to the a & b enemy pawns faster than the black king reaches white's pawns

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