Saturday, April 19, 2014

Solutions to Tactical Tuesdays - 3

Hey friends,

Hope you had a good estimation of the position in my post of Tactical Tuesdays - 3. Here I will discuss my views on the lines and possible variations of the position. I wont use any engines. Feel free to comment / suggest more lines / variations

So here were the puzzles and my analysis of the positions. Remember no engines used!

1. Black to move.

As per the hints in the last post, the weak squares are e3, f2 and possibly a hanging rook on a1.
So I would like to push pawn f3-f2 and checkmate.

Candidate move 1: 1... Rxe3 (Attacks the queen, Attacks the rook on e1 twice, promts fxe3)
if 2. fxe3 f2#
Candidate move 2: 1...Qxa1 2. Rxa1 Rxe3 3. Qd2 Re2 4. Qe1 
Seems like we sacrificed a queen and didn't get enough compensation

2. Black to move

Hints: Rook on e1 defended twice and attacked twice.
f2 is a weakness. (Pinned <x-rayed> possibilities of back rank mate)
Deflect one defender of the rook on e1 or undermine it ?

Candidate move 1: 1... Qxd4
if QxQ then RxR RxR RxR#
so we wont see  QxQ, rather Rxe7 and black loses
Candidate move 2: 1... Qxb2
Deflects the queen and undermines the defender rook a1
Candidate move 3: 1... Rxe1+
Seems okay, but what next ?
Candidate move 4: 1... Bxf2+
We do not want to give up our piece advantage

3. Black to move
Slight change in pawn structure

4. Black to move
This change in pawn structure now gives us the advantage that f2 pawn is actually pinned. This should make things much easier ??
Give it a try

I hope you like these analysis, and the selected candidates moves. If I may have missed out any lines please feel free to post it. 
Thanks for reading !!

Continue playing, Enjoy learning !!
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