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37. The Magician from Riga !!
       On former world champ Mikhail Tal (Misha) 1960-1961, on how Tal the strongest attacking player till date created magic over the board. Puzzles from games of Tal

36. The Power of Garry Kasparov !
      Kramnik v/s Kasparov game from 1994 Munich, King's Indian Defense. Beautiful Queen sacrifice by Kasparov.

35. What did Capablanca Play ?
       Puzzles from the games of the prodigy Capablanca !!
       Level : Rated 1800-1900  

34. Chess Teachers & Learners - Chess Tips
      Few very essential chess tips for chess players of all levels to help them increase their level and performance in tournaments if they confine to such training methods and apply them in real games.

33. Milestone unlocked 10k+ views
      The IQP's Blog has reached 10k+ views in just less than 2 months, thanks to all it's viewers and your appreciation of this blog.

32. Endgame Studies - "Making walls / Boxing in the King"
      Rook+king v/s lone King endgame technique and checkmate with the bishop pair technique. As to how to block the enemy and corner him, eventually checkmating him!

31. Game of the year 2013 - Anand's Brilliancy!!
     Aronian-Anand from Round 4 of the Tata Steel Chess 2013.Where white falls into a theoretical trap, and how black beautifully creates threats and sacrifices at every position.

30. Middle game Tactics - "Removal of defender/Undermining an Overloaded Piece" Solutions
      This is in continuation to my post where I put up various positions to be analyzed and enjoy. Brain teasers

29. Endgame Studies - Minor Piece v/s Pawn Endgame
     After my last post about checkmate with Bishop+Knight here is a practical use of minor piece endgame and a strategy to be applied in situations.

28. Bishop+Knight v/s Lone King Checkmate
      One of the most toughest checkmates in chess, simplified. How to push the king towards checkmate square and win the game. Solve this tough puzzle to understand how pieces work and coordinate.

27. Opening Repertoire - Ruy Lopez (Spanish Opening)
      1. e4 Best by test ~ Bobby Fischer. Something a beginner can try to learn as the opening repertoire.

26. Middle game tactics- "Removal of Defender" / "Undermining an overloaded piece"
      This post is for some fun activity and to focus on one concept in middle games. If you are a chess player you will surely find this post entertaining. 

25. Opening Repertoire - Sicilian Sveshnikov
      Openings for black, Open Sicilian Variation. Further lines to be discussed will be Najorf, Dragon in future posts

24. Chess on QuizUp
      A 'Just for fun!' article about my score line on quiz up in the chess category. Come challenge me !! :D

23. Tactical Tuesdays - 4 "The games of Hou Yifan"
      After the Women World Champion Yifan's staggering win in the recent FIDE Women Grand Prix 2014, here are some of here games and shown how beautifully executed plans and tactics. Can you find the right moves ?

22. Random Chess game of the day
      Here I posted a post game analysis of my game, rapid game without increments against a player rated ~80 ELO points above me.

21. Solutions to Transposition Thursdays - 3
      The solutions to Transposition Thursdays - 3, The analysis and variations of some endgame positions.

20. Solutions to Tactical Tuesdays - 3
      The solutions to the Tactical Tuesdays - 3 as I had promised, the analysis and variations of the positions shared.

19. Transposition Thursdays - 3
      Counting endgame positions and evaluating who will win. Is the transposition to endgame beneficial ? Continued from previous post

18. Basic Endgame Essentials - King pawn Endings
      I've discussed about King pawn endgame techniques like Opposition, Triangulation, tempo move, pawn boxing. Theory and examples mentioned. Focused on counting moves to promotion, reaching promotion square to defend. Level Beginners rated below 1400

17. Tactical Tuesdays - 3
      I've discussed about mental training in chess. Tactics used are Deflection tactics. Other concepts mentioned are position evaluation with minor pawn structure changes. Level Beginners rated below 1400

16. How to identify basic mates ?
      Deflection tactics, overloaded pieces, forks. Best one move continuation. Includes puzzles, hints to puzzles and ideas how to approach them. Weaknesses identified and how to exploit them. Level Beginners rated below 1400

15. Basic mating pattern for beginners!
      Some very easy puzzles for beginners to give an idea how to checkmate. Checkmate in 1/2/3 puzzles

14. Basic Tactical Puzzles
      Forks, pins, skewers, discovered attacks, transposition to simplified endings, sacrifices. This post includes puzzles having all these flavours

13. Chess Tournaments to look out for
      April 2014 saw some good tournaments viz, FIDE Women Gran Prix Khanty Mansisyk 2014, Russian team chess tournament.

12. Man v/s Machine
      My article on Kasparov v/s IBM's deep blue. Being a Computer Science undergrad it's really awesome to know Kasparov beat a computer.

11. Transposition Thursday - 2
      Puzzles to transpose to simplified endgames. Includes the game of Aronian v Karjakin from Candidates 2014 Khanty Mansisyk

10. Tactical Tuesdays - 2
      Tactical puzzles Level easy

9. Eye of the Tiger !!
    My article on Viswanathan Anand winning the Candidates tournament convincingly and earning the right to challenge Magnus Carlsen for World Championship title. Rematch!!

8. Transposition Thursday - 1
    What are Transpositions? Transpose unknown Openings to known ones with ease. English to Tarrasch, English to Semi-Slav.

7. Tactical Tuesdays - 1
    A couple of tactical puzzles from my own games. From a game of Mikhail Tal, and lastly Tal - Karpov from Blitz chess championship 1987 Brussels.

6. Chess for Dummies - Part 1 The basics
    Basics about chess, what is the function of each piece. What is it's worth and special moves like en-passant and castling.

5. Chess for Dummies - Part 2 The openings
    Giuoco Piano, Ruy Lopez, Semi slav, Grunfeld just mentioned.

4. Chess for Dummies - Part 3 The middle game
    Middle game tactics and ideas mentioned. Forks, Skewers, pins, discovered attacks.

3. Chess for Dummies - Part 4 The endgame
    King pawn ending, king Queen ending, King rook ending puzzles on all 3. To show how to mate with these pieces.

2. Fireworks and more fireworks Aronian v/s Svidler Candidates 2014
    My game analysis of Aronian v/s Svidler from round 4 Candidates 2014 tournament

1. Candidates Chess 2014 Round 3 update 'The Anand perspective'
   My report about the Candidates tournament and how Anand is faring as compared to his previous tournament results.