Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Power of Garry Kasparov !!

Here is an instructive game from 1994, played in Munich Kramnik-Kasparov

We will see how beautifully Garry Kasparov played a Queen Sacrifice for a positional advantage and finding the perfect squares for his pieces.

Here are a few tips to how to analyze this game, or as a matter of fact any GM game analysis.

1. Just go through the game putting yourself in the place of the winning side and play the right moves. Predict what the winner played
2. After you've done that, then only go into explanations of the engine as to why was the main line move played. DO NOT get in variation analysis yet.
3. After you have thoroughly understood the idea and plan composition of the winner now you can go into variations and check why was THAT particular idea chosen.

Good Luck! Enjoy :)

What we should learn from this game is to place your pieces on the ideal squares. It is only then that a good plan can fit perfectly and one may find many options to choose from to make his task easier.

Talk to your pieces, Let them speak out their feelings to you.
Ask them, "You like the square you're on, or do we find a better place for you ?"

Continue playing, Enjoy learning!

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