Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tactical Tuesdays - 3

Blindfold chess, Judit Polgar vs Magnus Carlsen
UNAM 2012
Hi friends,

Today I want to focus on mental training in chess, blindfold chess, and just thinking about variations and branching in any position.
Today it is not about finding the right solution, but about thinking the right lines and candidate moves.

Tactics an integral part of chess middle game. Today I will share some tactics, but unlike other days wherein there are puzzles to solve I'll put up images and hints related. Please use comments section to discuss the lines. I'll post hints as Candidate moves, weaknesses of the enemy, hanging  pieces, crazy sacrificial moves, undermining an overloaded piece etc.

Level: Medium, players rated below 1600

I will post solutions, and discuss in detail all the possible lines this weekend. This is a mental exercise so we can train to think various branches of the tree and make the right moves on the board.

PS: Engines will spoil the fun :P

So let's begin!

1. Black to move!

Key Ideas/ Candidate moves/ threats/ defenses all in one diagram
Key squares to think about f2, e3

The next 3 problems in line are all black to play, a very similar position. Only a couple of pawns missing/ added. The idea for these is to realize how calculations and Candidate move changes instantly with a change in pawn structures.

2. Black to move!

3. Black to move!

4. Black to move!

Hints / Candidate moves for 2,3,4
Key squares: f2, e1
Tactics: Deflection Tactics (discussed in problems 3,4 on last post)
Ideas: deflect queen from defense of Rook on e1, (only 2 ways to do so Qd4/Qb2)
Black queen must attack f2 (x-rayed)

Follow my blog for solutions and entire lines and all possible variations to follow. I will not be using engines to post the possible variations and tree branching. The continuation post for these puzzles will be posted on coming Saturday. Stay tuned!!

Feel free to use the comments sections for posting lines. I request you not to post one move solutions, but variations/ entire optimal line.

Thanks for logging on!!
Continue playing, Enjoy learning !!

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