Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tactical Tuesdays - 2

How to look at a position, what move to play and how to think ?

Have a look at this position. White to play and play for advantage and soon enough check mate.
So what are the things you can notice here, where white can threat black.

1. Black's queen is hanging (Attack the queen)
2. If black didn't have the rook on a8, Re8 was checkmate (deflect the black rook)
3. If I want to create a Rook-Queen battery on the f-file trying to attack the f7 square and checkmate on back ranks, the knight on c4 can hop to d6 to control f7 (deflect the knight from c4)

We should try to exploit these weaknesses of black to gain an advantage. 

Let's go to the next puzzle for today.
A rather easy one! Here Capablanca played black !!

The last puzzle for the day. A game from 1970, Fischer - Andersson
Same idea, pick out black's weaknesses, defenses and put pressure on them.

Please let me know what you think of these puzzles, easy, hard, anything you wish to add.

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