Sunday, April 13, 2014

Basic Tactical Puzzles

Today I'll be posting a series of tactical puzzles and the idea of each tactic. These puzzles/positions are for beginner players rating below 1400. 

This article is basically to teach you how to play and think in the middle game. If you are stuck and dont know what to play look out for such similar tactics

For basic strategies and tactics view, Chess for dummies - Tactics

1. Forks, white to move and fork.

2. Pin + Fork, white to move and win Queen

3. Pin

4. Skewer

5. Skewer + transpose to simple king-pawn end game

6. Fork

7. Discovered attack followed by checkmate in 3 moves

8. Discovered check + winning the queen

Hope you enjoyed solving these basic puzzles and use such ideas in your  middle game play.
Continue playing, Enjoy learning ! :)
Kudos !

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