Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chess Tournaments to look out for !

Russian Team Championship 2014

Russian Team Chess Championship is currently taking place in Loo Russia. A total of 13 teams will play 7 Swiss rounds to determine the winner.

Top players to look out for are

Team Malakhit
GM    Peter Leko                       2730
GM    Alexander Grischuk          2777
GM    Sergey Karjakin               2772

Team Sankt Peterburg
GM    Peter Svidler                    2756
GM    Vitiugov Nikita                 2747

Team ShSM Moscow
GM Nepomniachtchi Ian            2732
GM Morozevich Alexander        2722

Team Ladia Kazan
GM Kamsky Gata                     2714

TieBreak Jobava - Gata Kamsky

After 3 rounds into the tournament, Grischuk is in sole lead with 3/3 points followed by Leko on 2.5/3. Karjakin on 2/3. Peter Svidler played some real tough games in the starting rounds itself, black against Gata Kamsky and white against Karjakin and drew both in round 2 and 3 respectively.

After Karjakin's brilliant play in the 2nd leg of the Candidates 2014, he looks to be in really good form and I can definitely say he will give a tough time to his opponents.

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Women FIDE Grand Prix 2014

WGP 2014, taking place in Khanty Mansiysk, same venue as of the recent Candidates Chess 2014. Top players to look out for, Hou Yifan (Women World Champion ), Anna Ushenina (runner up Women World Chess Championship 2013, former Women world Champ 2012-13), Anna Muzychuk (Women's World Rank 4), Xue Zhao (Women's World Rank 5), Alexandra Kostenuik (Chess Queen Women's World Rank 9).

Yifan, Ushenina, Muzychuk, Zhao will be a part of the Women World Championship 2014 cycle this October 2014. What will be a 64 player knockout tournament. Must follow their games for the October matches! Hou Yifan will be defending her title in October 2014.

After Round 1 of the tournament, Yifan, Ushenina, Muzychik, Zhao earned a full point with the white pieces. With 10 rounds more to go, we expect the Champion Hou Yifan to perform well, the tournament favourite.

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Dubai Open 2014

Swiss format tournament taking place in Dubai. Top players to look out for
GM Abhijeet Gupta
GM Gawain Jones

After 3 rounds of play: 5 players share lead with 3/3 points including Abhijeet Gupta

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You can also follow games on
All tournament live games are shown, also tournaments which have taken place earlier.

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