Sunday, April 20, 2014

Solutions to Transposition Thursdays - 3

Hi Friends,

I had posted a few endgame puzzles on Transposition Thursdays - 3. I hope you had the time to evaluate those positions and identify who was winning. Here is the solutions and variations as I would look at them. No engines used.

So let's start

1. White to move

Advantages. for white: 
a. White King close to black pawns
b. White has outside passed pawn b-pawn
c. If you imagine the position without Queens we can say fro sure white wins!

Go for Qg1+!!
The easy way to win. Anything else will just be a prolonged fight and may result into a draw
As the black king is not anywhere near it's queen so as give support. Only black's queen is active. This may result in saying that white might be better off in piece activity and king activity slightly. Only because white's king is close to his queen

2. White to move

Ideas for white: 
a. If Queens exchanged then, white king must get in front of this passed pawn, e-pawn and try to promote
b. OR White king must run towards the enemy pawns from behind and attack them understanding that black's king is farther away
c. If queens not exchanged we can try Qf3+

Here is the analysis.

3. White to move
A much easier decision to make here
The white king is closer to the enemy pawns as compared to the enemy king.
So yes go for the Queen exchange

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