Friday, March 21, 2014

Chess for dummies - Part 4 : The endgame

Chess for dummies: The beginner's guide, simplified !
Part 4 - The endgame!

The end game is the most crucial part of the entire chess game. One mistake in the  end game can turn the table. Few basic endgames, every beginner must know
  • Q+K vs K
  • R+K vs K
  • P+K vs K

    Queen + King vs lone King
    Here we are trying to limit the king to only few squares and we bring in our king and with the king's support checkmate with queen

          Rook + King vs lone King
          Similar idea as of mate with queen, we box in the king and restrict its area, thus mating on the edge of the board

      Pawn+King vs lone King
      Here our aim is to promote our pawn and thus use technique as in Queen+King vs long King. So we need to control the queening square / promotion square with our king and thus get our pawn forward. Always keep the king in front of the pawn, if vice versa then we can reach to a stalemate position, which is a draw as there wont be any legal moves for the enemy king

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